Insane Car Chase Mayhem in GTA San Andreas – Drive-Thru (Big Smoke order????) Mission Madness! – #4

GTA San Andreas - Drive - thru-Cover

Welcome to the next adrenaline-pumping mission, “Drive-Thru,” in GTA San Andreas!

CJ is back, and this time he’s on a thrilling ride with his buddies Sweet, Ryder, and Big Smoke to a local Cluckin’ Bell for some food.

Big Smoke order ????

The Grove Street Families are facing a new challenge as their rivals, the Ballas, are causing trouble in their territory.

Sweet gathers the crew to take back control of their hood and end the Ballas’ reign of terror.

Armed and ready, they embark on a high-speed drive-thru rampage to hunt down and eliminate the Ballas gang members.

With CJ behind the wheel and his crew handling the firepower, it’s time to show the Ballas who runs the streets!

Buckle up for intense car chases, explo


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